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Filter Candidates Easily

Filter Candidates Easily

Automatically sort applicants by test results and language competency to quickly find the top candidates.



Test your candidates with game-based assessments that not only make interviews fun, but also challenging and engaging.

Translation Assessment

Translation Assessment

Translation testing can be done in any language. Grammar and spelling are measured by the system and included in the report.


Report & Review

Full candidate report and video interview accessible within 5 minutes of the candidate leaving the pod.



Simultaneously host multiple interviews in the same room with zero noise pollution inside or outside of the pod!

Award-Winning Tech

Award-Winning Tech

Our HR Tech team was awarded the 2017 Asia recruitment award for Tech Innovation by Asia Recruitment Awards.


Speech Intelligence

Candidate voice files are analysed by our speech intelligence system to measure confidence, articulation, speed and repetitiveness.



More cost-effective than hiring recruiters to arrange and conduct meetings.


Video-Recording (Customized)

The entire interview process is recorded in high definition 1080p video and uploaded to the cloud for easy access.

Sq footage efficient

Sq Footage Efficient

Fit many pods (9 sq tf) in that space that previously was reserved for one desk! The pod is 3x more space efficient than traditional interviews.


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Future Developments

Facial Recognition

Micro facial recognition

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring

Interview Booking

Automated interview booking


Automated pre-screening of applicants


Eye movement tracking

The Pod

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